Welcome to The 1000km Challenge IV !

Treadmill decutions revoked, thank you!


Welcome to Edition IV!

First of all, thank you so much for dropping by and also for all the supports in the past 3 editions, Our hope is that this event will continue to be a motivation for you to get even stronger.

This time, similar to the previous edition, we wanted to keep the game simple...with only 1 category to enrol and under the same rules. You can go as far as you could, and the more you clock your mileage, the better your rewards. Currently, our highest record is holding by Mimi Ng, best of luck for anyone who trying to shake her record, I am looking forward to that.

Scroll down for more information below, and if you are up for the challenge, join us now, run as much as you can, it does not matter if it is a running event or just daily workout...lace up and have fun while running, meeting new people, see beautiful places and surprise us with your mileage!

Last but not least, if you like us, do share the challenge with your friends, and if you don't, share with your enemy. Happy Running!

Event Information


We have only 1 category - "The 1000KM Challenge"

Open for registration:


Event Period:

Starting from 01/07/2019.

Registration fee:


Open for:

All runners age 18 and above

Starting point:

Anywhere you wish.

Mandatory item:

GPS Watches OR Smartphone apps. (more information)

Cut-off time:

177 days / 6 months

Achievement System

To keep you motivated, we have designed a set of mini challenges for you to fulfil, or challenge it to achieve a milestone while progressing throughout the event:

  1. For every 10KM you did, you gain Event Points(EP) accordingly.
  2. By completing various mini challenges, you gain titles or badges.
  3. Once you gain enough EPs, you may then exchange the EP into the rewards you prefer.
  4. 20% of your Event points can be carry forward to your next enrollment.
  5. We will continue to add new mini-challenges from time to time.
  6. We will also continue to add new items/rewards into our reward list from time to time.

Thats all for now, Check out the Achievement section for more infomation...Good luck!

Mandatory item

Before you start, please ensure you have the following mandatory items. Without the mandatory items, we will not be able to verify your progress and your submissions will be deemed invalid.

GPS Running watch

Our Events

Recommended running apps

Our Events


Our Events

Please also take note that we do not accept workouts from Step counters or Pedometers.

Treadmills / Trail runnings bonus

The outdoors is a more pleasant environment than the gym, so it is more likely you'll enjoy your workout more, and not only that, it is also more effective for you. This is why the below rules is implemented - to encourage outdoor workouts.

Lets assume: Your total mileage = 1350km, your treadmill workout = 134km(9.9%), and your trail workout is = 225km(16.67%)
1. Event points of 1350km = 792 EP
2. Event points of treadmill = 78.4 EP (9.9% of 792EP = 0.099 x 792 = 78.4 EP)
3. Event points of trail = 132 EP (16.67% of 792EP = 0.167 x 792 = 132EP)
4. treadmill's 30% deduction = 30% of 78.4EP = 23.52EP
5. trail's 30% bonus = 30% of 132EP = 39.6EP
6. final score = 792EP - 23.52EP + 39.6EP = 808.08EP


all Treadmill workouts will received a -30% EP debuff.


workouts contains with 80% trails + 500m elevations will received a +30% EP bonus.